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Multi Million

Dollar Businesses

Where would your business be if you knew which step to take next?

A 12-week done-with-you business incubator

October 18, 2021

It’s time to get shit done.
Where We’ve Been

Kicking the Guru Crap to the Curb

We know exactly what your calendar looks like. It’s filled with all the courses taught by the top gurus in the world, calls from the 12 different experts you’ve hired, and just enough time to rock in the fetal position in the corner of your home office. We know because we’ve been there.

Seriously, name the course and at least one of us can give you a login credential for it.

Somewhere along the line, you were fed the lie that if you spend a bajillion hours learning how to sit in a room to talk about your feelings while you learn how one person got successful in his/her own way… you’d make it big time.

Bull. Sheet.

Let’s be real for a minute. All that does is fill up your head with more contradictory information, making running your business even more confusing. We ain’t about all that.

It’s time we kick the guru bull to the curb and finally take charge with what works for you, not for the one person who is talking at you through a screen (no matter how glorious their instagram reels look).

Yes, we are kickass experts in the 4 cornerstones of the business world (marketing, copy, sales, and implementation). And you know what? We’ll own that knowledge to our graves.

But, we know better than to say we are calling all the shots. That’s your job, boss. We’re just here to amplify what you’re a kickass expert in yourself.

Where Could Your Business Be if You Had a Cohesive Plan?

(Without feeling like you’re banging your head against the wall praying that the next time you fly by the seat of your pants it works?)

Our guess?

Probably even bigger than what you’re imagining.

Look, we’re not going to sit here and promise you that you’re going to make a 6-figure income in the next 12 weeks. Not because we don’t believe you can, but because you already know how much you’re already making and how much you’re going to make after putting in the work.

“Through Grace, I learned the secret to sales. I’ve witnessed her embodying it, actually, both in her selling and in her sales coaching: it’s compassionate confidence. Grace has a big-ass heart and a smart-ass brain, and she combines those superpowers not only to help people sell their shit to clients, but also – probably even more importantly – to sell their shit to their own selves.

Grace believes so fiercely in people – people who are real, uncertain, scared – that they can’t help but begin to believe in themselves, too. She is magic.”

Natalie Miller

Over our time in working our individual businesses, we’ve had the pleasure of sharing a number of clients. (You know who you are out there.) And yeah, sometimes it’s a bit like Gossip Girl in our calls, but in the most freaking amazing ways. We get to share the milestones of how so-and-so’s business is exploding with growth in one area (say, marketing) and how it’s reflected in another (say, copy). And we become these momma birds so freaking excited because we all knew that so-and-so was going to reach next level potential. Watching that truth happen? Well, that’s just fucking amazing.

FACT #1: You’re flying by the seat of your pants.

You can’t hide that fact from us. We know it. We’ve been there. And some days, we still step foot in it. But we also know… it’s not a sustainable way to do shit Sure, it’s probably worked so far, but you wonder if you can handle the mental gymnastics to make this work. Psst, you can. You just need a concise, streamlined way to make it work.

FACT #2: You are already enough.

As in, you don’t have to download all the mindset masterclasses that exist. Wanting to know “hey, wtf comes next?” doesn’t mean you have an “energy block“. You’ve done the dirty work and doing more is only going to take up more precious space on your harddrive. You’re already riding a momentum wave that you’ve created and you are kicking ass working your magic in your business. All we want to do is lend you a little bit of our magic to get that momentum wave bigger and easier to handle.

FACT #3: You need actionable steps to sell your shit.

Look, the whole “doing things in the moment” thing has gotten you this far, but with the same feeling of a hangover. Your head is spinning from the chaos of information, you’re scrambling to get it all together, and you’re second guessing if what you did the night before was actually a good idea. (It was, at the time.) Before you know it you’ve got the entire contents of your purse spilled out onto the street trying to find your keys. It ain’t cute. You’re ready to clear the air of all the noise thrown in your direction and finally sober up and DO what needs done.

You’ve called this board meeting. We’re answering it.

“Making the investment to work with Jacqueline has been one of the smartest and most valuable investments I’ve EVER made in my business. (been in business for 4 years and run a multiple six figure, going on to 7-figure company). The deep work we did together with my copy, has helped me get so crystal clear on my message, IN MY OWN voice, talking to my very specific audience SO SUCCINCTLY in a way that I’ve never been able to dial-in before. I feel more powerful and clear in my message and marketing than ever. My copy feels cohesive across ALL spaces (website copy, emails, social media. Before working with Jacq my copy felt bland, sterile, and to be honest- there were certain elements of my ‘old copy’ that were not fully aligned with my work, my message, and the powerhouse Latina that I am in the world. I could go on and on about how priceless our work together has been. The value has gone BEYOND my copy and it’s even showing up in my confidence as a CEO, as a thought leader and content creator in my field. I’ve created new modules and curriculum that were directly inspired from our work together. BEST. DECISION. EVER.”

Brenda Lomeli

A Space To Own It.

You’ve got your business. You know your audience. You are a rockstar in your gig. (Even when it doesn’t quite feel like it.)

By The Board is giving you the space to own your shit, with power heels on… or the converse…

whatever your jam is.


By the Board

a done with you business incubator

October 18th, 2021

Your customizable, client led, actionable plan to finally take control of all areas of your business.

The ideal client secret sauce

Fact: It doesn’t matter what we teach you if you haven’t built the right foundation around your ideal client. We’ll be breaking down the exact thought process you need and the questions to ask that stretch far beyond “demographic”. 


Weekly masterclasses and hot seats

You’ll be dedicating two weeks to mastering each area of your business. Each two week increment will feature masterclasses, hot seats, and Q&A sessions to get you the expert knowledge you need.


Implementation stages

We’re not about to dump information on you and throw you to the wolves.  We’ve factored in implementation periods where you get to put everything you’ve learned into practice with the experts behind you to guide you through it all. 


Cohesive workbook

that gives step-by-step instructions on where to touch your business in aspects of each marketing, copy, sales, and implementation.

Laser focused accountability.

There’s no time for fluff here. We want you to succeed and we’re going to make sure it happens. And if you slip and fall, we’ll be there to pick you up and push you in the upward direction you know you’re destined to be in.

In the trenches with you

This is not one of those pre-recorded, you’ll never actually engage with us type courses. You get us live for every call, and on implementation weeks, we’ll be in the Facebook group asking questions, going live, and making sure you get what you need.

The Business Incubator to Gain Momentum (and keep it)

Here’s the thing: In our lines of work, we’ve made a funny habit of actually listening to what the hell our clients are going through… and we realized there was a theme that always pops up like some deranged game of whack-a-mole. These amazing, kickass business women were knocking down one door to nail down a marketing plan they feel good about only to realize they didn’t have customer systems in place.


They were begging for a copy makeover only to realize they needed a marketing plan to actually get people to read it.


They were dying for the secret sauce in closing sales calls, but they had no sales copy to get someone to actually book their call. Do you see what we’re getting at here?

You can’t touch one area without it affecting another. And while we could send you to our four corners of the world separately, we figured there was no reason to pinball you around like that.

The business world is already confusing enough.

We’re here to streamline your business in a way that actually makes sense.

Once you’re in, our team will walk with you through the actual steps to take. No cookie-cutter process. No “one size fits all” solutions. Real support that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be. And yeah, you’re gonna sweat. Nothing great ever gets done without a little bit of work.
Within the first week, you’ll be wishing you had called more board meetings like this for yourself.

By the Board

a 12-week business incubator

October 18th, 2021

“Dusti always went above and beyond.  She always knew exactly how to articulate what I was trying to say, and hold a sacred container for my very overloaded business owner brain. I was never made to feel like I was asking too many questions, or offering too many ‘brain dumps’ for things I wanted to do.  Now, let’s talk about the entire team. Everything from kindness, to humour to being treated like a VIP, I have all positive things to say about the Reinvention Co team.  It was an incredible experience knowing that there were a group of folks behind the scenes all with their individual responsibilities, and putting effort into my project.  Such a weight was lifted as we moved through a few tricky (for me) parts, and I felt fully supported at all times.  There was always clear direction, helpful feedback and support. No stones were left unturned as I moved through various ideas and plans.  Most importantly I think it’s important to mention that working with a group who clearly has built their business on ethics, integrity and transparency brought forward an experience I didn’t know I needed, until I lived it.  Finally, not even in the depths of my imagination could I have ever dreamed up a better group of people to work with. A team that brings an abundance of intelligence, quality, attention to detail and of course sparkly magic.”

Heather Tobin

Meet the women

From behind the curtain


Wendy Nicole Anderson

Wendy Nicole Anderson is a mompreneur that left corporate America in March 2015 to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. Over the past eight years, Wendy has helped multi-six, and seven-figure service-based business owners redefine how they streamlined their day-to-day business operations. Her goal is to help small business owners liberate themselves from the busyness of solopreneurship so they can embrace their zone of genius and build a business based on innovation vs. desperation. If you are ready to escape burnout, work with the right clients, increase your profits, and save time, then you have found the right person. Wendy is your secret weapon if you believe in doing things right the first time, got a thing for logic, working smart, and a knack for all things lean and efficient.


Dusti Arab

Dusti Arab is the founder of the reinvention co, a boutique marketing agency specializing in course creation and web design. 

On a mission to help women who want more, Dusti is writing a book centered on creating accessibility to the tools that helped her heal her trauma and build a six-figure business.

Featured in the Guardian, Benzinga, and more, Dusti currently lives in Portland, OR with her partner and two kids.


Grace Edison

Grace has been rocking the sales scene since 2002! From knives, to insurance and investments and now in the online space for 7 years, she’s seen it all. With a background in finance, holistic money coaching and a certified trauma informed yoga teacher, she’s got you fully covered when it comes to making money, removing obstacles and helping you stay consciously connected to the importance of your work in the world. She’ll guide you into easeful, ethical, and equity-centered selling so you can make the money you deserve with the freedom you desire while connecting with the people who need you most. Who needs to be stressed or avoiding selling when it can be fun to make money? No one, that’s who.


Jacqueline Paumier

Jacqueline Paumier is a copywriter, brand whisper, and doer of all things wordy. A self-proclaimed ad brat she’s been the writer behind brands like At&t, American Express, and Mini Cooper and is now the founder of Self Writeous, providing consulting and copy services for value-first entrepreneurs. A firm believer that Bro-Free copy can convert, Jacqueline’s mission is to help passionate entrepreneurs channel their purpose, their value, and their expertise into copy that actually feels and sounds like them. She’ll take you through the social, cultural, emotional, and psychological narratives that determine whether or not your leads buy while creating a space for a voice that’s uniquely and unapologetically yours. She believes your copy should be a little less fetal position and a lil’ more reverse cowgirl, and is here to show you how to get there.

what to expect + what you get


Sit down with the Members of the Board to lay out the powerful thought process behind knowing your ideal client in an up close and intimate way.

WEEK 2-3:

Work with Dusti on crafting out your sweet ass marketing plan, get your questions answered and know exactly what elements are needed to convert like a motha’.

WEEK 4-5:

Now that you know what marketing elements you need, it’s time to fill it with copy that feels like you while selling like never before. Jacq will show you how.


Integration / Break

WEEK 7-8:

Thanks to that badass marketing plan and brilliant copy your calendar should be jammed packed with leads. Beautiful. Grace will provide you with the tools you need to close them every time.

WEEK 9-10:

All this new business doesn’t mean much without the right systems in place to meet the demand. Wendy will show you what pieces to put in place to from onboarding to payment collection to gathering stellar testimonials.

WEEK 11-12:

Integration Week

lifetime access

An extra bonus? The world magically slows down and allows you to fully focus on getting your sh*t together as soon as you sign up! Nope…that’s not a thing. That won’t be happening. Instead, we are giving you lifetime access so you can jump back in whenever you like, as often as you like.

training your team

Wish your VA could write like Jacq? Your OBM could handle #allthethings like Wendy? Send them on over. Your entry to the Board is extendable to any members of your team so we can train them for you. Not to mention adding the trainings to your personal staff onboarding library to know all future teammates are bringing their A game.

No more mess. No more confusion. Just the straight-up help you’ve wanted all along.

“In a world inundated with unscrupulous marketing tactics, and generations of business infected by the sleazy used car salesman archetype … Grace is a warrior out on the front lines standing for truth, integrity AND artful, ethical and enjoyable sales conversations Grace is an advocate for embracing your own inner gifts and selling from a place of care, connection and curiosity – whilst also holding a very high standard of compassionate and highly effective and heart based conversion practices. She is the real deal, passionate about people, nurturing them through a vision of what could be possible for them if they really looked into their soul and asked what do they want for their lives. And then with loving strength she holds them to that higher version of themselves, that they may not even have seen if it were not for Grace’s lifelong dedication to the empowerment of others. In a sea of unethical and insensitive practices it is rare to find the calibre of feminine sales leadership that Grace embodies. She will show you a way to methodical way to highly effective selling AND have a great time doing it. She is the funniest, most tender hearted badass crusader for your divine potential – you do not want to pass up an opportunity to be mentored by Grace.”

Bianca Aiono

Frequently Asked Questions

I think I actually need done FOR you, but I've read this far...

Look, we get it. The idea of passing it off and just having it done is sexy. But if your strategy isn’t dialed and on point, it’s not going to be right anyway, and you’re going to have wasted more time and money on something that isn’t going to move the needle for you.

There’s a reason we’ve created this container with the four of us. 9 times out of 10, when someone comes to us saying they need marketing or more sales or whatever, they actually have a systems or positioning problem.

By The Board starts at the roots so you can grow a damn forest.

Plus, as a By The Board member, you’re eligible for exclusive discounts working with your directors in the future.

What will I actually be getting out of this?
You’ll get 10 weeks of guidance from four badass chicks in the business. Each of us wear our talents on our sleeves and are ready to hand off our knowledge to you. You get our support. You get accountability. And you get our “no pain no gain” attitude. You’ll thank us for that later.
Is this program for budding entrepreneurs who are figuring out their vision?
Nope. While we may work individually with newer businesses, we know there is a special calling for those who are spinning their wheels after the excitement of beginning entrepreneurship has worn off. If you’ve succeeded in flying by the seat of your pants so far, but you’re just not sure how much longer you can do that… this is for you. And we promise, no more pants-flying by the end of 30 days.
What if I’m already making bank with my business, is this for me?
We’d like to answer that question with a question: Are you looking for more? Well then, it doesn’t matter what you’re currently making. Your business is a living, breathing entity and if it’s growing out of its current stage, there will be more obstacles to handle. (New level, new devil). Regardless, our expertise is still guided to help you no matter what level you’re currently on or what level you’ll grow out of next.
I’ve taken {insert big name guru course here}. Do I really need to attend this thing?
In case we haven’t made ourselves clear, we’ll say it a little louder: WE AREN’T THE GURUS OF YOUR BUSINESS. We don’t give out cookie-cutter recipes to success (this isn’t the PTA and we aren’t soccer moms). We don’t sit around with herbal teas asking about your feelings. We’re all about actually getting things done and doing it in a way that actually works for where YOU are right now.
I don’t have the time for an incubator of this magnitude, can I send my team members instead?
Absolutely. What’s better than an expertly trained team that you didn’t need to train yourself? Your team members are welcome to attend Masterclasses, ask questions, and check out hot seats. However, only one person per account will receive access to the community.
How much time am I looking at for this?
We get that your time is valuable. So much that, a good portion of what we do is aiming to SAVE you time in the long run. So, we would never ask for you to spend your hours doing something that isn’t useful to you. The first week will hold 2 calls about an hour each. These will be live “face to face” calls where shit gets real. The following week is integration week, where we’ll be implementing, asking questions, and getting shit done. After that, it’s up to you on how much time you spend working through our provided workbook and prompts.
What about support after it's over?

Stand by. We want to take our first cohort through this program before we make any big promises about what’s next! We’ve definitely got ideas about what ongoing support could look like, but we are taking it one step at a time, right alongside you.

The Fluff is Gone.
We’re holding space for the people who are ready to show off their brilliance.

Because when all is said and done, we know you have it in you to be the badass everyone already sees.

It’s just a matter of stepping your foot in the next right step.

Your business will shoot off to the next level.
You just need a little clarity on how to get it there.

By the Board

An Exclusive Online Event

October 18th, 2021

Want more?

If you’re looking to get more time with each of us – as your board – you can.

Limited 1:1 spaces are available, and you’ll get an hour with each member of By The Board to go deeper with your work.

“Jacq is a copy goddess! She helped me fine tune the sales page of my new offer that really helped breath life into it. Her process was pretty amazing, sharing her thought processes as she read it to inform where there were missing pieces, where things needed to be clearer and where excitement needed to be added. The result? I sold out of my offer, the first time ever. Thank you, Jacq for your brilliance and support!”

Leslie Tagorda

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